Music for Your Dachshund! Help to Relax Your Dachshund and Relieve Their Anxiety

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AutorCan u plz do music for puggles
Autor: Halle M
AutorI'm trying to make my dog sleep she just had a cesure she can't walk anymore :(
Autor: Vincent Hanson
Autori have one i got your app but my dad deleted it :(
Autor: BreeOge
AutorMy dachshund love it!🐶
Thank you very much!
Autor: Nicolours !
AutorMy dauchsand pup was scared of the vacuum and so I put him on the couch while the vacuum was on and he curled up in a lil ball
Autor: Meme Duck
Autormy dachshund fell asleep after 5 minutes when I started it
Autor: lakshya vatwani
AutorI just just watched a video were people killed kittys I could use this😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😱😨😱😱😱😨😱😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭
Autor: Youtuber.1
Autor: Evc05
AutorMy dachshund Tucker's shaking stoped when I put this on! Thank you!
Autor: Tucker The Dachshund
AutorMine got calmed down
Autor: MRmister THE49er
AutorDenny is my dachshund and when I put this on he just lay his head down on a pillow and fell sound asleep so thnks so much xxx🙏

BTW my dachshund Denny is named after Denby sausages in the UK 😂😅
Autor: lucy 123
AutorReally helpeful, I use this music evrytilme im going to my friend
Autor: Ugandan Knuckles
Autormy daschund belle instantly just dozed if on my knee! she loves it and so do i so thankyou
Autor: shrekswife
Autor9th! lol
Autor: Marsh
AutorMy mini doxie Moose Moose loves it <3 thx
Autor: Marsh
Autorreally goid song my dachshund puppy fell asleep when i played this music
Autor: Shivani Dip
AutorThank you very much for the lovely music, my dachshund's love it.
Autor: Michelle Dixon
AutorLol when the music stopped my dauchund started licking my phone
Autor: DenJay
AutorMy dachshund Frankie fell asleep to this
Autor: Matthew Parsons
Autormy daschund fell asleep in my lap
Autor: Isabella
Autornot a doxin but my pom is laying in my lap as we speak
Autor: bro sir
AutorMy small dachshund relaxed, thank you!
Autor: makkarakeitto oy
Autorhaha great!! :)
Autor: Emm a
AutorI put earbuds in my dogs ears ( gently and not tightly in ) and she fell asleep and was just so cute
Autor: smithson
AutorAwesome thanks a lot! :D
Autor: Sinchana bhat.s
Autorcan you guys make some for new pomeranian puppies
Autor: Diana Cherubin
Autormy dog named nuggets fell asleep
with this.....Thank You so so much!
Autor: KC Martinez
AutorMy little Winnie fell asleep after 10 secs
Autor: Xx theslurpjuicedelivery Xx
Autormy dachshund is named Pepin the short king of the franks after my ancestor pepin the short king of the franks
Autor: Dachshund genius
AutorMy dashchund dropped off to sleep this was awesome
Autor: Wailord Flies
Autormy weiner dog chase instantly stopped shaking during this storm thankyou so much I was really worried about him thankyou!!!
Autor: Mary Herrera
Autormy dashund just fall asleep when i started play this music!
Autor: Emilija Zaltauskaite
AutorSo good to relax active and/or anxious puppies, especially when they get distracted by noises easily when they’re drifting off!
Autor: Beth Hall
AutorThis is great, we added a guenia pig to our house and this really helps my Dixie calm down!
Autor: Brooklyn Atkinson
AutorWe have a 4.5 month old Doxie who we adore and love unmercifully, but she is a holy terror. She chews, barks, runs frantically around the house and most of all hates her crate. It's a chase with her when it's time for her to go in her crate. Frustrating. Once she's in it and secure, she cries, whines and yells until we walk out the door. Bedtime is always a definite chore. Although she is very active during the day, she still thinks bedtime is playtime. Found your site tonight on YouTube. Playing it as I type this comment. She is content, sleeping and very relaxed. I am going to try my best at trying this music when I crate her. I'm hoping this will ease some of her aggressiveness and separation anxiety, not to mention, improving bedtime rituals. Will update later on her progress. For now, THANK YOU! 🙏🙏
Autor: Pam Roberts
AutorMy little Dachshund pup just fell asleep on my lap when I played this.
Autor: Chris 414
AutorI gave my 2 dachshunds, Dolly and Elsie a bath. Elsie hates baths and gets nervous so this was perfect for her. Thanks!
However this did not help Dolly that much, but Dolly is CRAZY so I don't think it really matters! Once again thanks so much!!!
Autor: Probably a Nokia Brick
AutorTitle says for dachshunds but there is a husky when you click on the video
Autor: What an amazing piece of shit
AutorIt works
Autor: Ivon Cortez
AutorThis is fabulous! my little pup loves this!!
Autor: Paige Morrison
Autorhe did not sleep XD
Autor: Mama Baldi daughter mom:???
AutorMy dachshund started freaking out when she was taken out for a walk and then the umbrella freaked her out a lot XD she was shaking and I started playing some dog music and she calmed down lol
Autor: Sweet Calamity
AutorThank you my 10 week old sausage dog went straight to sleep and relaxed
AutorThank you sooo much!! I played this for my two doxies and they were asleep within 10 minutes!
Autor: Piggy Party!!
AutorWe are listing to this now with our Chiwennie named Mellie and she’s passed out.
Autor: chefchris198621
AutorMy 10 year old doxie relaxes to this music. It helps with her anxieties too. thank you!
Autor: Leo G
AutorThanks so much, my dachshund, Marley loves it!
Autor: Talking Terriers
AutorMy dog Honey paid no attention to this song but idk why she was laying on my bed and kept digging through all the covers and constantly smelling everything. Can someone plz tell me if this is normal?
Autor: Paige Conley
AutorSatan is my doxie always excited for now he's very quiet lying on his armchair he doesn't move thanks for that
Autor: Florence Foudraz
AutorMy dachshund was having a nightmare, I started to play this music and he calmed down. :)
Or he woke up.
Either way he stopped fretting and finally had a nice little sleep.
Autor: Brook 825
AutorThank you for this, my dachshund just fell asleep
Autor: vbjb im
AutorMy Lola fell asleep then when I turn it of she growls for more
Autor: Alpha Dragon
AutorMy dachshund fell a sleep a couple minutes after thank you
Autor: Skyrim Nintendo
AutorIt works!
Autor: Anne Antony
AutorWow this is magic!!my dachschund name Ruby fell asleep after i just played this music .Totally subscribed!
Autor: GodOfGaming Jay
Autormy two doxies fell asleep after ten minutes tho. i am waiting for the result of listening to this. then i felt like im the one who's sleepy. 😅😂😂
Autor: Karen Joyce Lapez
AutorI want to give you a huge Thank you!
I've had many animals around me in my past, such as hamsters, cats, guenie pigs, fish, turtles, dogs, and more. Your music for each pet I been around or watched had worked amazingly. Its extremely relieving! I use your music for everything, sleeping, anxiety, relaxing, stress, grooming, and more!

I subscribed, and I suggest this to a lot of people :)

~ from my Dachshund, Mylo and I
Autor: Doggy ASMR
AutorBoth dogs are asleep in my lap I have one brown almost 8 month wiener dog then the other one is a chubby 6 year old black and brown miniature wiener dog
Autor: aesthetic uwu
AutorMy Lola was not fileing well so I played it and she fell asleep
Autor: Alpha Dragon
AutorThank you my duchshund puppy falls a sleep when im starting to play the good music but when its an hot day hes crying so i put him on a room and turn on the Aircon and play the music he falls a sleep and relaxed peaceful puppy
Autor: Kc Moreno
AutorMy 8 month old dachshund loves to sleep but when its time for both of us to go to bed and I have my blanket on she digs and digs at it, and I understand that they like to burrow and is that why she is doing this? Because while she is digging I have let her under the blanket but she isn't interested and continues digging. I need help because then she pants and we both cant go to sleep. This just started and I don't know what to do can you give me any advice?
Autor: Sasha Parks
Autormy dog is still shaking
Autor: Jon l
AutorThank you for this music our dog during night I play our music to him
Autor: Rachelle Sabater
AutorMy 2 month Dutch hound got very calm
Autor: MRmister THE49er
AutorMy dog sugar loves it! Can u make more? I'd love that!
Autor: Melody-Desu
AutorI was surprised that my dog went to sleep fast with this music, so thank you for making this song. 🐶🎶💤♥
Autor: kinit 935
AutorYup my three month old dachshund passed out immediately when I put this on. She is high strung and this is so greatly appreciated
Autor: Katie Harwin
Autori have a black and brown dachshund she fell asleep! :) she was wrapped up in the blanket like a nun
Autor: oliver567
AutorMy 1 year old dachshund fall asleep on me when I played this thank you so much
Autor: Anna Binienda
Autor6th 🇺🇸🇺🇸😃
Autor: Christopher Sherman
Autor: Ellie H
Autor: Marie Filatova
AutorThis is the best music for my dog
Autor: Camden Fowler
AutorThanks so much! my dachsund Chloe fell asleep when I played this music😊😊
Autor: Lourdes Bremen
Autorthanks so much my doxie denny loves it its now officially the song I use for him for naps and bedtime
Autor: Sophie Crawford
AutorI think I’m a dachshund too cuz it relaxed me as well XD
Autor: Sweet Calamity
AutorMy dog Bella was haveing her puppies I put this on And she calmed down and this helped her puppies sleep
Autor: Hay Bug53
AutorMy baby’s still shaking my poor little daschund
Autor: Leann Upton

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